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  •  cranberry and white chocolate cookies

    Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies


    price: 1.20 CHF

    A really delicious balance of crispness and squidginess, and of sweetness and tartness between the white chocolate chips and cranberries.

  • simply cupcakes

    Simply Cupcakes


    price: 3.00 CHF

    Deliberately understated, simple and elegant. Jude's signature Cupcakes with their glace icing and dainty decorations are the perfect cake for any occasion.

  • fun cupcakes

    Fun Cupcakes


    price: 3.50 CHF

    These delicious Cupcakes with their light fluffy sponge and fun colourful toppings will be enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike!

  • chocolate cupcakes

    Chocolate Cupcakes


    price: 3.50 CHF

    Outrageously chocolatey............... moist chocolate sponge topped with lusciously smooth dark chocolate ganâche and a simple decoration.

  • toffee apple cupcake

    Toffee Apple Cupcake


    price: 3.50 CHF

    A special Cupcake for Autumn and your Halloween Party.

  • cherry bakewell cupcake

    Cherry Bakewell Cupcake


    price: 3.50 CHF

    Another twist on an old English pudding, the Bakewell Tart, these cakes have quartered glacé cherries and a touch of grated marzipan incorporated into the mixture before baking to create a lovely moist, slightly dense sponge, with a subtle almond flavour. ...

  • pistachio cupcakes

    Pistachio Cupcakes


    price: 3.50 CHF

    Just a subtle delicious pistachio flavour , light texture and  pretty colour make these cupcakes positively springlike!

  • fresh cream & raspberry

    Fresh Cream & Raspberry


    price: 4.00 CHF

    The famous original Jude's Cupcake topped with whipped fresh cream and a juicy raspberry.

  • lemon heart cupcake

    Lemon Heart Cupcake


    price: 4.00 CHF

    The Lemon Heart Cake is an irresistable favourite with our customers. The cut out heart is removed from the lemon sponge cake and the resulting hollow filled with a layer of tasty home-made lemon curd, then light fluffy lemon buttercream, the heart replaced...

  • triple chocolate cupcake

    Triple Chocolate Cupcake


    price: 4.00 CHF

    Could this be the ultimate in chocolatey Cupcakes?. Its up to you to decide... Rich chocolate sponge with dark chocolate chips, smothered with white chocolate and finished with a sprinkling of grated milk chocolate. ( That IS a lot of chocolate!)

  •  fruit topped cheesecake cupcake

    Fruit Topped Cheesecake Cupcake


    price: 4.00 CHF

    A perfectly sized individual portion of  baked  "New York" style cheesecake, made with ricotta instead of cream cheese for a lighter texture in each delicious mouthful of this classic dessert. The fruit, blueberry, strawberry or raspberry provides a lovel...

  • mini victoria sponge

    Mini Victoria Sponge


    price: 7.50 CHF

    These mini versions of the Victoria Sponge divide into four generous portions, just right for two people to share over the weekend, but as they will keep very happily in an airtight container for three or four days, they make a perfect little sweet somet...

  • mini orange drizzle loaf cake

    Mini Orange Drizzle Loaf Cake


    price: 7.50 CHF

    A variation on the very popular Lemon Drizzle Cake this little loaf cake contains home-made Seville orange marmalade to give it a gorgeous moist texture and a nice tang. To finish off it is drizzled with a glacé icing made with freshly squeezed orange juic...

  • pour toi et moi

    Pour Toi et Moi


    price: 8.50 CHF

    Pour Toi et Moi, for you and me, a delightful mini sponge cake sandwiched with blackberry jam and vanilla butter icing topped with more vanilla icing and pretty floral decorations.

    Part of a summer picnic perhaps?

  • mini cupcakes

    Mini Cupcakes


    price: 15.00 CHF

    They may be tiny but there is no compromise on taste and texture with these delightful mini Cupcakes. Available by the dozen for a perfect little treat or perhaps a gift.

  • flapjack



    price: 15.00 CHF

    The perfect deliciously chewy snack with proven energy boosting qualities to pack into your rucksack for a day on the hill.

  • chocolate loaf cake

    Chocolate Loaf Cake


    price: 15.00 CHF

    A dark,dense truly chocolatey cake with a smothering of  chocolate icing topped with chocolate sprinkles.

  • white chocolate blondies

    White Chocolate Blondies


    price: 15.00 CHF

    Love it.....or hate it? Peanut butter that is....

    Well, if you love it you will love these Blondies, a golden version of Brownies.

    Soft and chewy with white chocolate chunks.

    Cuts into 10 good portions.

  • lemon drizzle cake

    Lemon Drizzle Cake


    price: 18.00 CHF

    A truly classic English afternoon tea cake. This lemon sponge has a zingy lemon topping drizzled over  the still warm cake, guaranteeing a delicious moistness in every slice.

  • classic victoria sponge

    Classic Victoria Sponge


    price: 20.00 CHF

    The quintessentially English afternoon tea cake. Two deliciously light sponges sandwiched together with raspberry jam and  smooth buttercream finished with a dusting of icing sugar.

  • fruit loaf cake

    Fruit Loaf Cake


    price: 20.00 CHF

    A little piece of nostalgia with this recipe from the 1950's, producing a cake full of plump juicy fruit absolutely bursting with flavour.

  • viennese finger biscuits

    Viennese Finger Biscuits


    price: 20.00 CHF

    These delightful piped biscuits are extra specially "melt in the mouth" owing to the icing sugar used in the mixture and the replacement of some of the flour with cornflour.

    Sandwiched together with strawberry conserve and light buttercream and d...

  • oranges and lemons tray bake

    Oranges and Lemons Tray Bake


    price: 22.50 CHF

    Easily cut up to share between friends, this delightful lemon sponge with its freshly-squeezed orange juice glacé icing and pretty pastel decorations is perfect for springtime  afternoon tea.

  • apple crumble cake tray bake

    Apple Crumble Cake Tray Bake


    price: 24.00 CHF

    A favourite pudding from our childhood with a twist!  Soft vanilla  sponge beneath the layers of apple slices and lightly cinnamon spiced crumble all come together to create the Apple Crumble Cake.

    Totally delicious cold eaten along with a cup ...

  • carrot and walnut loaf cake

    Carrot and Walnut Loaf Cake


    price: 25.00 CHF

    So tasty, with a hint of mixed spices and cinnamon, this lovely moist cake, bursting with succulent sultanas is wonderfully enhanced by its "not too sweet" vanilla frosting.

  • coffee sandwich cake

    Coffee Sandwich Cake


    price: 25.00 CHF

    A delicious variation on the Victoria Sandwich, light vanilla sponge with a shot of espresso complimented by lush buttercream and topped with coffee flavoured icing dotted with chocolate coffee beans.

  • chocolate brownies

    Chocolate Brownies


    price: 25.00 CHF

    Another one for chocolate lovers.......

    White, dark and milk chocolate all together in each scrumptious mouthful.

  • mini cupcake collection

    Mini Cupcake Collection


    price: 25.00 CHF

    The ultimate centrepiece for your party or any special occasion, 23 assorted Mini Cupcakes arranged on a stand ( hire charge included in price of 25 chf).

    The display looks fabulous from any angle, presenting each cake in it's individual glory.

  • gingerbread



    price: 25.00 CHF

    So simple but OH so comforting! Dark, lightly spiced and a perfect sqidgy,slightly sticky texture which actually improves with keeping ( up to two weeks), this Gingerbread has just a hint of a Christmassy feel about it.

    Measures 30cm x 20cm and a...

  • squidgy chocolate roll

    Squidgy Chocolate Roll


    price: 25.00 CHF

    For everyone following a gluten-free diet and equally delicious for those who are not, this wicked looking Chocolate Roll would provide a great finale to a dinner party.

    The light chocolate sponge contains no butter or flour and is rolled to enca...

  • butterscotch sandwich cake

    Butterscotch Sandwich Cake


    price: 28.00 CHF

    A  delectable variation on the Classic Victoria Sandwich, this recipe incorporates brown sugar to give the sponge a delicious hint of caramel complimented by the light fudge flavoured  buttercream and finished with a smooth, velvet butterscotch topping.

  • chocolate sandwich cake

    Chocolate Sandwich Cake


    price: 30.00 CHF

    The ultimate cake for chocolate lovers, made with top quality Swiss chocolate ( at least 70% cocoa solids). Enticing chocolate sponges sandwiched with light fluffy chocolate buttercream. The luscious smooth ganâche topping makes for easy slicing of the cake.

  • sticky toffee pudding

    Sticky Toffee Pudding


    price: 35.00 CHF

    No apologies for the number of calories in this classic dessert! The sponge is beautifully moist and flavoured by plump dates soaked in black tea and can be cut into individual portions as required (serves 10)

    The glossy sticky toffee sauce is se...

  • train birthday cake (flat)

    Train Birthday Cake (flat)


    price: 65.00 CHF

    Large (28cm) round chocolate or vanilla cake sandwiched with jam or buttercream, totally covered with luscious chocolate topping.

    White chocolate piped train picture, highlighted with assorted sweets and personalised with your child's name.


  • hello kitty birthday cake

    Hello Kitty Birthday Cake


    price: 70.00 CHF

    A large ( 28cm) round chocolate or vanilla cake, sandwiched with light buttercream or jam.

    White chocolate piped Hello Kitty design filled in with glacé icing , pink pearly bow and jellies for eyes and nose.

    Decorated around edge with pi...

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