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If you would like more information or you have a specific question about the ingredients we use at Jude's Cupcakes contact us at the email address shown below with your enquiry.

Email: info@judescupcakes.com

Storage & Serving Suggestions

Your cakes will have been baked no more than 24 hours before they are delivered to you. They will keep quite happily in an airtight tin or Tupperware type container with a tight fitting lid for 3 days.


Please note that there may be a slight deterioration in the appearance of iced, decorated Cupcakes after a day or so. Decorations and sprinkles may lose colour around the edges. This is due to the preservative free nature of the decorations we use, and whilst still perfectly safe to eat, just don't look quite so pretty.


Therefore we recommend that you ask for your iced decorated Cupcakes to be delivered no more than 24 hours before your celebration.


Our Christmas Cakes will keep for at least 6 weeks after they have been cut, preferably wrapped in foil and placed in an airtight container.


Cakes decorated with fresh cream will be delivered to you in a cool box and should be transferred to the fridge and eaten within 24 hours.

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About Jude’s Cupcakes

At Jude’s Cupcakes we produce handmade, freshly baked cakes from our product range and bespoke cakes made to order. We sell a whole range of hand baked cakes including birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, traybakes and many more besides. So if you are having a celebration at the office, a get together with friends, or perhaps a garden party or picnic make the occasions even more special with one of our delicious homemade cakes. Jude's Cupcakes is located in Evolène near Sion, Valais. All our cakes are available for delivery within Switzerland and parts of France. (Click Here For More Delivery Information)

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